Wednesday, August 12, 2009

About ME

I started in retail right out of school, starting (along with my brother) a retail clothing store. We grew the chain to 10 stores before I sold my interest, and moved to New York. So it was in April of 1987 (right before the crash of October 1987 ' Black Monday' ), that I started a 20+ year career managing money. In 1987, I worked at Lehman Brothers directly for Martin Shafiroff's group. While at Lehman, aside from managing a 'who's who of the fortune 500's money -we also were involved on the other side of the 'green wall', pitching LBO candidates to the likes of The Prospect Group, etc.

In the early nineties, I moved to Raymond James. Among my more notable clients were stock brokers who worked for David Blech & Co (Biotech investment bank) who looked to me for their own personal biotech investments in 1991-1992. In my last year (1996), Gruntal & CO. , I rose to 1st Vice President, and managed money for retail clients, as well as institutional clients such as Mucinich & Co (a mutual fund).

In 1997 I was shown 'The Internet', and immediately sold my book to launch my first start up. After failing to raise a series A (2001 stock market crash closed that door), I regretfully had to shut it down.

I went back to managing money, this time as sole investment adviser for a Hedge fund - Jackshu. Among Jackshu's more prominent partners was one of the co-founders of Staples.

Currently I manage accounts for family and friends, and can be followed both on my blogs, and on Stocktwits. I also maintain a Business Strategy & Marketing consultancy for startups AFPR.